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My Story

My surname “Schonhaut” is unusual and rarely you find it on your way:
it can be transalted “GoodSkin” but it comes etimologically from Schönau, a little rural center in the Black Forest.

Schönau im Schwarzwald is a small town, in the southwest of Germany.

The German town is very famous for the energy revolution implemented by the residents who,
after the Chernobyl disaster, decided to work for a future without nuclear power, following words with deeds.

They bought the local power lines and began to produce energy with alternative decentralized technologies,
making Schönau the first energy self-managed city in the world.

I’d like to visit Schönau soon, because the spirit of the inhabitants
of this city reverberates in my soul and my character is similar to theirs.

Ethics, Curiosity for innovation, Independence and Concreteness
are the principles that are part of me and who have contributed to my story.

Look at the Photos of Schönau Town. Nice, isn’t it?
There’s no need of a large structure behind you, to handle things in the best way! ;-)

I thank Marco Wassmer for
allowing me to publish his beautiful pictures