Ing. Marco Schonhaut - McDollar

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  • Address: via Dalla Volta , Bologna, Italy

My name is Marco Schonhaut,
I’m Project Manager and Information Consultant
specialized in Data Analysis System Area, like:

Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Enterprise Performance Management
Planning Process Systems

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I am an indipendent and I was able to organize my work in this way with the ability to give that something more than the others,
keeping my promises with the highest quality standard.


I work with passion because I believe in being professional

My actual professional role comes from precise past choices , which enables me to:

decide for myself
be flexible
follow more sectors

I like to:

comunicate with other people
make things work and interesting thanks to innovation
be curious to find out how new technologies can be really usefull


To be consultant means helping others

My goal for the future
is to develop smart ideas using the latest technology
to produce very useful solutions for people
for whom I normally work.

I have a small flexible organization composed of
other professionals that I trust and I work with for years.
I coordinate them in the spirit of maintaining a kind of laboratory for research and development.

I speak to you:

“If you had the patience to read these lines and if you think that my experience and attitude can serve you,
I’m here to give and advice or to help you too! Please contact me, I will reply to everyone!”


By the way if you still have some time
I would like to tell you a short interesting story that helps to better understand
who I am and why to trust me and my work approach.

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